Owner of Art33 & Co

I’m Trace – the face behind Art 33. I am married to a wonderful man I call Cammie, mum to my three beautiful gorgeous souls Tash, Sav & Zac, and stepmum to two awesome kids Bri & Tazzie. I also have two super cool pets Spud the dog & Jett the cat.

I absolutely love what I do working from home in Whitianga Aotearoa, after moving from the big city Auckland where I grew up. I have always been a creative soul so it’s no surprise to my hubby, family and friends that this is my gig. My soul sings with pride when people buy my work: be it online, corporate gifts, markets and emails with requests for commissions. Never thought it would be my full time job but there you go! I am so unbelievably grateful.

Thanks to my whānau who have always supported, encouraged, and continue to believe in me and my ideas. Oh and my usual “I’m gonna try to do this” line as I am constantly discovering new ways to expand and refine my craft. Big thanks to all my clients now and future who have supported a small home business with their purchases. I can sincerely say that I really do dance a happy dance with each and every sale!

Take care, ride your dream hard and believe you can do anything.

Aroha nui Trace

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